Mapping the heterogeneity of Connective Tissue populations through genome-wide transcriptomic analyses during development

A position for an enthusiastic bioinformatician is available in the group of D. Duprez, expert in vertebrate muscle and connective tissue development. The group is part of the IBPS, the leading biology institute of Sorbonne Université, situated in the heart of Paris. The position is associated to an initial 2-year funding, starting from February 2021. [...]


Bioinformatics of Genomic Variants in Children and Young Adults with Acute Myeloid Leukemia - Sept 23, 2020

A 3-year position of genomic data analyst is available to work within the "COllaborative NEtwork on research for Children and Teenagers with Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia" CONECT-AML framework. [...]


Master Project 2020-2021 - How does cAMP control oocyte meiotic divisions?

Cell division is a fundamental process for the reproduction, development, growth and maintenance of living organisms. This process is orchestrated by the universal cell division kinase, Cdk1-Cyclin B (or MPF for M-phase promoting factor). Our project aims to elucidate the molecular circuits regulating this key enzyme that enables the initiation of cell division. We are using meiotic divisions of Xenopus oocytes as a model system. [...]


Post-doc Position - August 28, 2019

A post-doctoral position is available in Dominique Weil's team "Compartmentation and intracellular trafficking of mRNPs". We are seeking a highly motivated candidate trained in molecular and cellular biology to be part of the ANR-funded project: "P-bodies in cell cycle control". [...]


2 Postdoctoral Positions in Machine Learning and Neurodegenerative Disease Modelling

Applications are invited for 2 postdoc positions in machine learning available at the Brain-C Lab in the Institute of Biology Paris-Seine. The positions are supported for 2 years starting October-November 2019 with possible renewal for a third year.

  • Postdoc position 1 is focused on probability and statistics.
  • Postdoc position 2 is focused on bioinformatics and programming. [...]


[POURVU] POSTDOCTORAL POSITION AVAILABLE: Telomere biology in the green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Project overview:

Telomeres are repeated sequences found at the end of the linear chromosomes of most eukaryotes and are required for chromosome integrity. They shorten with each cell division and expression of the reverse transcriptase telomerase allows for de novo addition of telomeric repeats, counteracting telomere shortening. Although Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, a photosynthetic unicellular green alga, is widely used as a model organism in photosynthesis and flagella research, as well as for biotechnological applications, the biology of its telomeres has not been investigated in depth. [...]


Poste d'ingénieur d'étude, contrat CDD de un an renouvelable, à partir de janvier-février 2019

Un poste d'ingénieur d'étude (H/F), en contrat CDD de un an renouvelable (sur financement ANR), est à pourvoir à partir de janvier-février 2019 au sein de l'équipe Vieillissement Cellulaire et Inflammation dans l’UMR 8256 de l’Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine. [...]