Mapping the heterogeneity of Connective Tissue populations through genome-wide transcriptomic analyses during development

A post-doctoral position for an enthusiastic bioinformatician is available in the group of D. Duprez, expert in vertebrate muscle and connective tissue development. The group is part of the IBPS, the leading biology institute of Sorbonne Université, situated in the heart of Paris. The position is associated to an initial 2-year funding, starting from February 2021.


Despite their crucial instructive role during development, the understanding of connective tissue developmental biology is hindered by the lack of knowledge about the populations that compose this heterogeneous tissue. The research project focuses on the identification of new cell populations in limb connective tissues, their molecular signature and their developmental trajectories. This project involves the computational analyses of single-cell RNA sequencing datasets (clustering, population marker identification and pseudo-time trajectories) in chicken and mouse as well as the comparative analysis of these vertebrate datasets with that of Drosophila to extract generic versus model-specific traits.

The IBPS at Sorbonne Université provides a highly stimulating and interactive scientific environment, state of the art facilities dedicated to bioinformatics, imaging and proteomics and an active social life.

Candidates holding a PhD with a strong background in bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. Experience in developmental biology and/or single-cell RNAseq analyses is preferred but not required.

Candidates interested in this position should send a motivation letter, a full CV with bibliography and details of at least two referees to Dr. E. Hirsinger and Dr. D. Duprez at the addresses below. Interviews will take place in December 2020.

Team Duprez, LBD, IBPS,
Campus de Jussieu, 9 quai Saint-Bernard, case 24,
75252 Paris cedex 05, France
E-mails : ;

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