Post-doc position

Paris, August 28, 2019

A post-doctoral position is available in Dominique Weil's team "Compartmentation and intracellular trafficking of mRNPs". We are seeking a highly motivated candidate trained in molecular and cellular biology to be part of the ANR-funded project: "P-bodies in cell cycle control".

The project is built on our recent work in which we implemented the purification and content analysis of mRNP granules called P-bodies, and demonstrated a role for P-bodies in mRNA storage. You will contribute further to deciphering the physiological function of these granules in mRNA metabolism in the dynamic context of cell cycle. This project will rely on cell imaging, P-body purification, and high-throughput RNA and protein analyses. It will require a broad set of technical and scientific skills, curiosity, autonomy, ambition, and team spirit.

You must have obtained your Ph.D. in the last four years. Experience in the RNA field will be highly appreciated. Knowledge of computer-based RNA-seq analyses will be a plus.

Our group belongs to the Laboratory of Developmental Biology (LBD) in the Institute of Biology Paris-Seine (IBPS). We are located on the Pierre et Marie Curie campus of the renowned Sorbonne University, in the heart of Paris, France, and we offer state-of-the-art equipment and core facilities in a thriving environment.

For more details about Weil’s laboratory, on-going research projects, and recent publications, please visit: /en/research/developmental-biology-laboratory/compartmentation-and-intracellular-traffic-of-mrnps

Funding for this position is for three years. Interested candidates are welcome to apply by sending the following to Dominique Weil (

  • A motivation letter indicating current and future research interests
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • 3 reference letters 


Dominique WEIL, PhD,
Laboratoire de Biologie du Développement (UMR7622) Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine,
7 quai Saint-Bernard, CC24
75252 Paris cedex 5, France
Tel 33 1 4427 6442