Club Drosoph'île de France

3 November 2020

  • Charlotte MALLART (Prêt Lab)
  • (Ejsmont Lab))

Same magic formula: 30 minutes per talk including questions (sharp!). To support further questions and interactions, we provide the audience with drinks after the talks, so please respect the 30 min scheduleand enjoy the drink time for further exciting discussion.

Same place: Sorbonne Université - Pierre et Marie Curie campus Auditorium, 7th Floor - C building, 7 Quai saint Bernard inside the IBPS

The DIF is open to all.

Your D(ream)IF team 2020 / 2021 organizing committee.

  • Fred Bernard (
  • Véronique Brodu (
  • Clément Carré (
  • Jean-Antoine Lepesant (