• Organisme INSERM
  • Area UMR 8256 - Biological Adaptation and Ageing
  • Team / Theme Neuronal Stress and Ageing (NSA)
  • Status Staff scientists
  • Address Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer's Disease and the Aging Brain. Columbia University NY, NY, USA
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Etienne Jacotot has 25 years' experience in basic and translational aspects of disease biology. He is currently Visiting Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia University, and Research Director at Inserm. He develops translational approaches to target Caspase-2 and neurofluidic microsystems to control the architecture of neuronal circuits in vitro, in a translational perspective.

E. Jacotot. Med/Sci (Paris) 2020; 36: 1143-54. Caspase inhibition: from basic cellular biology and thanatology to potential clinical agents.

Elodie Bosc, Julie Anastasie, Feryel Soulami, Ségolène Pretat, Gullen Lacin, Eric Duplus, Philippe Tixador, Hugo Cochet, Bernard Brugg, Chahrazade El Amri, and Etienne Jacotot. Cell Death Discov. 2019; 5(Suppl 1): 1–48. ECDO 81 Selective caspase-2 inhibition and synapse protection with a new irreversible pentapeptide derivative


The NSA (Neuronal Stress and Ageing) Team is located at Sorbonne Université (Inserm U1164). 

Our team explores the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying normal and pathological aging of neurons. Three research axis are currently developped:

1) the role Caspase-2 in neurons subjected to stress or to pathological settings, particularly Alzheimer's disease.

2) the neuroprotective potential of nicotinamide riboside and NAD metabolism 

3) Nerve-on-chip microfluidic technologies and related nonclinical assesment models.


Etienne Jacotot obtained is PhD in Immunology (Faculté de Médecine de Kremlin-Bicêtre; Univ. Paris 11) at the Institut Pasteur (Paris), studying Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) receptors for entry into cells and cytopathic effects of the HIV-1 enveloppe glycoproteins complex. 

Prior joining INSERM U1164, Dr Jacotot was Research Director at INSERM UMR676 (Hospital Robert Debré, Paris 2010-2013). He was also visiting Professor at Imperial College London (UK) from 2009 to 2014. Among achievements, Dr Jacotot has identified Caspase-2 as an important initiator of neonatal brain damage (Carlsson et al., 2011 Ann Neurol). 

Prior joining Inserm (2010), Dr Jacotot was cofounder (in 2001), CSO (2001-2008), and CEO (2003-2007) of a biopharmaceutical company (Theraptosis SA), where he settled screening platforms and developed new caspases inhibitors (e.g. TRP601 / ORPHA134079; Chauvier et al., 2011 Cell Death Dis). 

E. Jacotot did his main post-doctoral training in the Guido Kroemer's lab (1998-2001), where he discovered a mitochondrial target for the HIV-1 Viral protein R  (Jacotot et al., 2000 J Exp Med; Jacotot et al., 2001 J Exp Med), and contributed to the characterization of mitochondrial Apoptosis-Inducing Factor (AIF; Susin et al., 1999 Nature). 

E. Jacotot contributed to 80 research publications (H index = 38; total citations ~ 10 970) and he is named inventor of 29 patent applications. 

He has been Awarded the Prize 2019 of the iXCore fondation pour la Recherche, and the Schaefer Research Scholar Award 2020 by Columbia University (NY, USA).