Isabelle Limon

  • Address Cassan, bâtiment A, étage 5, case courrier 256, 7 quai Saint Bernard, 75 252 PARIS CEDEX
  • Telephone number +33(0)144273716
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CURRENT SITUATION Professor in Paris VI; Research group leader in UMR8256 Biological Adaptation and Ageing; Head of the Master physiology and physiopathology.
1994: PhD Biochemistry-Physiology U-Paris VI; 2003: Authorization to direct Researches U-Paris VI.
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1994-1996: temporary position of assistant professor and 1996-2001: assistant professor in ESA CNRS 7080; 2001-2003: Visiting professor in the dpt of pharmacology of Louisiana State University; 2003-2004: assistant professor and 2004 Professor in UMR CNRS 7079; since 2005, head of the team “phenotypic control of vascular smooth muscle cells”.
ORIGINAL PUBLICATIONS 39 (search Limon I and Limon-Boulez I)
OTHER since 2007: coordinator of the physiology dpt recruitment committee of Paris VI; 2012-2014, elected Member of the CNRS section # 24; PI of 5 grants; supervision of 4 post-Doc, 7 PhD Theses with 2 in progress. Awards for PhD mentoring since 2008-2016.