Motility and size dynamics in bacteria and organoids

9 novembre 2018 - 13H30

Sander Tans, AMOLF, Amsterdam

Lieu : Amphi Charpak (LPNHE), RdC tour 22, campus Jussieu.

Résumé : "My lab is interested in a range of cellular dynamics questions. We have used time-resolved microscopy of bacterial cell size and enzyme expression to reveal the inherent stochasticity of metabolic networks (Nature 2014) and how cells compensate for such variability during their cell cycle (Sci. Rep. 2015, BMC Biology 2016). Recently, we found that bacteria not only monitor length added during one cell cycle, but can also directly measure absolute size, using spatio-temporal protein oscillations of the Min proteins (Current Biology 2018). If time allows, I will discuss work on a curious motility of lung cells induced by a viral infection or the role of bacterial motility in spatial competition."

Crédits images : Tans & Kiviet

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