Multiscale cytometry on 3D cultures in a microfluidic device

11 janvier 2019 - 13H30

Charles Baroud, Institut Pasteur - Ecole polytechnique

Lieu : Amphi Charpak (LPNHE), RdC tour 22, campus Pierre et Marie Curie.

Many recent approaches aim to explore the behavior of cells in the context of the tissue rather than individually, as it is becoming clearer that the cell behavior depends on their 3D micro-environment. In this context spheroids are an appealing format, since they combine a high level of biological relevance with simple production protocols. However the methods for spheroid manipulation are still labor intensive, which severely limits the information that can be gained from such cultures. In this seminar I will present a microfluidic approach that we have developed for 3D cell culture, based on performing most of the operations within a simple to use microfluidic device. I will show how this leads to multiscale cytometry, I.e. phenotypic measurements on the scale of the whole population, the spheroid, or the individual cells within the spheroids. This allows us to explore for example the relation between the spheroid structure and the biological function of the cells within it. I will also show how to perform multiple, time-dependent operations on the individual spheroids. This will allow us to address questions such as understanding the response to a drug, or to explore cell-cell interactions to build complex 3D tissues or to study host-pathogen interactions.

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Head of Pasteur-Polytechnique joint group on Physical Microfluidics & Bio-engineering (2017-present)

Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, LadHyX and Department of Mechanics (2002-present)

Post-doc at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique (2002)

PhD at University of Texas at Austin (2001)

Extra academic:
Co-founder of Stilla Technologies (2013)