Christophe Antoniewski

  • Adresse Cassan, bâtiment C, étage 5, case courrier 24, 7 quai Saint Bernard, 75 252 PARIS CEDEX
  • Téléphone 01 44 27 70 05
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Date of Birth:28th January 1965

Current appointment:Research Director 2nd class CNRS

Academic qualifications:2005HDR University Paris Sud XI

1994Ph.D. in Developmental Biology, University Paris VI

1988M. Sc in Microbiology, University Paris Sud XI

38 publications – h-index 23

Laboratory website:,


Research experience

Drosophila genetics, high-throughput screen, functional genomics, Bioinformatics

Invited talks and seminars in foreign countries - Honors – Awards

4 invited lectures by foreign Institutes

10 invited lectures at international conferences


G5 program Institut Pasteur (2003)

Main national and international scientific and administrative responsibilities

PLoS ONE Academic Editor (since 2013)

Member of the AERES scientific committee for IGH (Montpellier) evaluation (2014)

Organizer of the « Small RNA Silencing » conference at the Fondation des Treilles (April 2012)

Head of the G5 laboratory « GED », UMR 2578, CNRS-Institut Pasteur (2004-2011)

President of evaluation committees for the recruitment of CNRS Engineers (2011 ,2014)

Organizer of 2 Inserm Worshops (2004 and 2006) on RNAi and miRNAs

Co-Organizer of the « miRNAs in Animal and Plant Development » in Paris (November 2010)