Developmental biology laboratory

The Developmental Biology Laboratory (LBD) is affiliated with CNRS and Université Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC), and is in partnership with Inserm (Equipe de Recherche Labellisée U1156). It is part of the Institut de Biologie Paris Seine (IBPS).

The LBD hosts 15 research groups with a common interest for the study of embryonic development, meiosis and fertilization. The complementarity of scientific projects, technical skills and model organisms provides an overall scientific coherence and a synergistic and dynamic research environment. Research at the LBD draws on a wide variety of model organisms, including nematode, Drosophila, ascidians, zebrafish, amphibians, chicken, mice and plants. This panel of model organisms allows mechanistic comparisons as well as technological complementary approaches: molecular and cell biology, cellular imaging, embryo microsurgery, functional genomics, genetics, biochemistry, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, etc.

The LBD offers access to excellent internal technical facilities and common equipment. It also benefits from easy access to IBPS state-of-the-art core facilities. The faculty of the LBD ensures a strong interface between teaching and research by contributing to the University teaching programs where developmental biology is a key element.

As a consequence, LBD teams host many Masters and graduate students. Belonging to one of the largest multi-disciplinary scientific universities of Europe, the LDB is ideally placed to facilitate interactions with mathematicians, physicists and chemists.

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