Neuronal Stress and Ageing (NSA)

Neuronal synapse loss and axonal degeneration/pruning are adaptative processes implicated in CNS development, plasticity, and pathogenesis. Acute and chronic neuronal stresses enhances/modify these local events leading to neuronal death and to the propagation of pathological signals along neuronal networks.

Our team aims to dissect out the cellular and molecular processes that lead to local degeneration and network dysfunction. We are currently developing 3 axis:

  •  NAD+ metabolism and axon degeneration.
  • role and targeting of local caspases during synaptic loss and axon degeneration.
  • the mechanism of neuron-to-neuron transmission of aggregative protein in models of neurodegenerative disease.


  • Compartimentalization of neurons in microfluidic devices (µFD)
  • Reconstruction of neuronal networks in µFD (e.g.: cortex-hippocampus, cortex striatum)
  • Genetic (siRNA, KO, Cre-Lox) and pharmacological approaches in vitro and in vivo.
  • Cell imaging (advanced fluorescence microscopy)