The IBPS involved in the creation of the FSSCR

The French Society for Stem Cells Research (FSSCR)1 has just been created. It aims at promoting stem cells research at both national and international levels, at fostering discussions within the French scientific community and at improving communication towards the general audience, by enhancing interaction between researchers, clinicians and patients’ associations.

Pierre Charbord and Thierry Jaffredo2 (UMR 7622) who both work on hematopoietic stem cells at the IBPS, are members of the Executive board of the FSSCR.

The FSSCR has several ongoing projects, including the organization of a symposium next November and participation in the European Day of Stem Cells in 2018.

Information and subscription online on the FSSCR website.

  2. Migration and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells