Two postdoctoral positions in Neurobiology are open at the IBPS: Huntington's disease (HD)

Two postdoctoral positions in Neurobiology are open in the « Compensation systems in neurodegenerative disease and ageing » (Brain-C) team1, led by Dr Christian Neri in the Biological Adaptation and Ageing unit of the Institute of Biology Paris-Seine.

The goal of the first postdoc position is to study the regulation of neuronal activity and survival mechanisms by stress response pathways in Huntington's disease (HD) pathogenesis. A PhD in neurobiology, genetics or a closely related field is required. More information on this position is available on this page.

About the second postdoc position, the successful applicant will work on modelling the biology of this same disease. A PhD in informatics or bioinformatics is required. The detail of this position can be found online here.

These two positions will start in May-June 2017. Candidates should have no more than 2-3 years of postdoctoral experience.

To apply, interested candidates must send a detailed CV, a letter of motivation and at least two letters of reference on Christian Neri :