“La recherche” award for neuroscience researchers

On February 13, 2019, Nicolas Torquet1 and Philippe Faure1 received the 2019 La Recherche Award in Neuroscience for their work on the individuality of mice2.

Their very original work relied on the specific tracking of individual animals maintained in a special house which they called “souris-city”. Their results, published in August 2018, determined that the social environment of mice was a determining factor in their behaviour and that it led to a modulation of the activity level of some neuron populations.

Each year, the La Recherche prize rewards French-speaking works in twelve disciplines and highlights results that constitute a breakthrough in the field of research and have been the subject of a peer-reviewed communication.

Their work appeared in August 2018 in the journal Nature Communication and was the subject of a press release from the CNRS and Inserm, a brief on the IBPS website and an article in Science et Avenir.


Team Neurophysiology and Behavior of the Neuroscience Unit (UMR 8246) and Brain Development, Repair and Ageing of the Biological and Adaptaion and Ageing (UMR 8256)

2 Torquet, N., Marti, F., Campart, C., Tolu, S., Nguyen, C., Oberto, V., Benallaoua, M., Naudé, J., Didienne, S., Debray, N., et al. (2018). Social interactions impact on the dopaminergic system and drive individuality. Nat. Commundoi:10.1038/s41467-018-05526-5.