Post-doc: Neuroscience (2 positions)

We invite applications from talented and motivated postdoctoral candidates for two research scientist positions, available at the Biology Institute Paris-Seine, in the team
Gene Regulation and Adaptive Behavior” (François Tronche, Neuroscience Department).

The team focuses on the role of gene expression regulation on long-term behavioral adaptation and brain dysfunction. The approach will combine molecular tools, viral transduction, elctrophysiology and behavioral approaches to study the function of inducible transcription factors and chromatin remodelers (see Ambroggi et al. Nature Neurosci. 2009,
Barik et al. Biol. Psy. 2010, Ros-Bernal et al. PNAS 2011, Barik et al. Science 2013). The project builds on our previous work involving the Glucocorticoid Receptor and the modulation
of addictive and social behavior. The expert physiologists will further explore social interactions and prefrontal cortex-dependant tasks in distinct mouse models harbouring
targeted genetic inactivation of GR and associated factors.

The team belongs to an interdisciplinary Institute (IBPS, CNRS, INSERM, Sorbonnes Universities), located in the very center of Paris (see below).

The jobs will start at autumn 2015. Candidates should be less than four years after their PhD, with excellent past-record of achievement in molecular neurosciences will have additional expertise in one of the following: gene expression/epigenetics or mouse behavior.

For application, informal information or pre-application discussions may be conducted via email.

Application should include a letter of motivation, a CV, a short summary of your current research and center of scientific interest and the names of two persons willing to send letters
of recommandation. Application should be send to: and (Phone: +33 6 63 14 12 36).