Angela Falciatore

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Angela Falciatore, PhD

2009-present UMR 7238 CNRS-UPMC, Paris, France.
Chargée de Recherche CR1 CNRS, Group Leader of the Diatom Functional Genomics Team. ATIP young investigator CNRS group.
2008-2009 Stazione Zoologica A. Dohrn of Naples, Italy. Group Leader, Diatom Light Sensing team.
2006-2008 University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy. Appointed Professor of Microbiology.
2005-2008 Stazione Zoologica A. Dohrn, Naples, Italy.
Three year Researcher Position, Cell Signaling Laboratory.

2001-2005 University of Geneva, Dep. of Molecular Biology, Geneva, Switzerland.
Post-doctoral research with Prof. Jean-David Rochaix, Dep. of Molecular Biology. EMBO-Long Term Fellowship, HFSP-Long Term Fellowship.
1996-2001 Stazione Zoologica A. Dohrn of Naples, Italy. PhD training, Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology with Dr Chris Bowler.

  • Most of my research activity has been dedicated to diatoms, wondrously shaped and highly diverse marine microorganisms that drive most of the major biogeochemical processes on Earth. In particular, I have been investigating the sophisticated mechanisms controlling diatom response to light, one of the most important environmental signals for photoautotrophic organisms. I am exploring the concept of using diatoms as novel model systems in photobiology, enriching our knowledge about their physiology and genome, and taking advantage of the numerous novel molecular tools that have been set up to manipulate diatom cells.