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Fête de la Science 2017

Diaporama Fête de la Science 2017

The IBPS has participated to the Fête de la Science on October 13-15, 2017. Click on the image to see the slideshow.

Vis ma vie de chercheur

During this school year, high school students will participate to practical workshops supervised by IBPS PhD students. More information to come!

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    Dance your PhD 2017

    Romain Durand-De Cuttoli (UMR 8246) takes part to the Dance your PhD contest, organized by Science and the AAAS. Feel free to share and like the video!

    Hommage à Véronique Soulier

    Véronique Soulier, responsable administrative et financière de l’IBPS, nous a quittés. [...]